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My husband, Allen, and I are high school sweet hearts. We started dating Sep.99'- I kind of followed Allen home one day, and never did leave, is Allen's story. November 02' we were engaged, and on November 22,2003 - we were married. Having been married for 6 years in 2009, marked the 5th year we had been trying to start our family. With the referral of a Fertility Specialist from a friend, our IUI attempts ended up being a complete success despite my doubts. We welcomed our sweet little girl, Hayleigh into the world on June 30,2010 at 6:28am after 37wks and 1 day of gestation. She weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 20 in long. We found out that we were Baby #2 on April Fool's Day- a complete surprise! Reid Allen was born 11/13/12 3:24am 9lbs 8.2oz 21", after 38wks 5 days. Our 3rd baby, Eva Jane, was born on April 19, 2015 after suffering a pregnancy loss June of 2014. We are currently anxiously awaiting baby #4 due 2 days before Eva's birthday, so we are having Irish Twins! Our family is so blessed and happy to be growing!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Tidbit Trip to the Pool!

Yesterday, I took Hayleigh to the Fruita Community Rec Center- here where we live. Let me just say WOW! This place is huge with a gym, indoor basketball court, child care for $1 per hour, a library- that is free, indoor play area, indoor pool, and outdoor pool. I wish we had something like that back home. Outside there is also a skate boarding area like what we had back home, but just what is available to do here is amazing.

I signed Hayleigh up for the next 2 weeks of the Wee Wet Wigglers Program. It is a swim introduction for babies 6months up to toddlers of 3yrs of age. It is a 2 week program that has a parent in the water with their child, getting them acquainted with being in the water, and working on swim basics. I am very excited about this except for the part of being up there at 8:30 in the morning. If anyone knows us, Hayleigh takes after her mommy...ummm we are not morning people. When the sun gets too bright in Hayleigh's room, around 6-7am, she hollers for me, and I go and get her out of her crib, get her tippy, and we go back to my bed to sleep in for a few more hours. She and I both wake up happy, and well rested. We are both grouchy when we are tired, and watching her be like that is kind of cute... me- not soo much. Anyway, Allen will get to see Hayleigh do her swim lessons for 2 mornings the week he is home- we will have to miss one morning because of the baby gender ultrasound, that is at 8:15am.... sigh... the next 2 weeks we will not be sleeping in at all!~

I got everything rounded up for going to the pool yesterday, and just happened to try on my maternity swim suit... it was aweful! I have never really liked how this thing has fit, so, off to Target we went. I had to get Hayleigh swim diapers- they are required to go to the pool, so we ended up getting the reusable one for Hayleigh, and a maternity swim suit for me. I like it a lot better, and feel a lot more comfortable in it too. After leaving Target, we took off back toward home. Now, I had googled the address of the community rec center, and ended up on a wild goose chase for the next half an hour. I finally got fed up, and stopped and parked in a local parking lot, to bring the address back up on my phone. I found out that I had not been going far enough on the main road, and saw exactly where I needed to turn. So, off we went, finally found the place, right next to the community hospital, and made our way in. I had to sign a waver for Hayleigh anyway once inside for the swim lessons next week, so I was asking all kinds of questions about the place, and ended up amazed at what they had to offer. For $6, we could use any of the areas- Hayleigh was free, but we got full use of the gym, basket ball court, and pools. We went ahead and went straight for the indoor pool- to get Hayleigh warmed up to the pool first. We went ahead and found the changing rooms- very nice! Got us both dressed and ready to go, and out to the pool area we went. They had a huge array of things to do- a current swiggle part of the pool, very large hot tub, slide, diving boards, lap areas, a huge alligator floating in the middle for kids to play on, wadding areas, geysers in the 6" deep area, a toddler area, with jets of water streaming out, and a play area for small kids with water moving through it - kind of like a mining operation. They had locker areas, foam water weights to use, floating boards, and a first aide office all inside. We ended up checking everything out except the hot  tub- since I can't get in it, and the slide- Hayleigh cannot ride on it or go off of the diving board since it all is over 8' of water.

After spending about an hour in there, we headed out to the outdoor pool. The sun felt soo good- a nice 83 degrees outside with a slight breeze. We got our area set up and snacks out- since you cannot have them inside, and made our way to the shallow part of the pool. They had a basketball hoop set up with 2 orange balls to play with, a lap area roped off, a diving board area, and then a deeper end roped off. Hayleigh loved it outside- it was less crowded, and warm out there. She wanted to be on her own- in the area she could walk in that was chest deep, she would take off- then slip, and ended up going under the water, I would pull her back up, and she would come back out of the water laughing. She loved going out to the deeper water with me holding her up, telling her to kick her feet- she looked like a little frog out there- and wanted me to let go- but I wouldn't. She didn't understand how much deeper the water was there. Anyway, after taking a break to snack, and going back inside, we left 3 hours later, checking out the library on the way out. We plan on going back today to at least get our library card, and checking out a few things. We finished the evening by checking out an eating joint called Munchies- ordered two hot ham and cheese sandwiches with fries to go, and took them back home to relax for the rest of the night.

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