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My husband, Allen, and I are high school sweet hearts. We started dating Sep.99'- I kind of followed Allen home one day, and never did leave, is Allen's story. November 02' we were engaged, and on November 22,2003 - we were married. Having been married for 6 years in 2009, marked the 5th year we had been trying to start our family. With the referral of a Fertility Specialist from a friend, our IUI attempts ended up being a complete success despite my doubts. We welcomed our sweet little girl, Hayleigh into the world on June 30,2010 at 6:28am after 37wks and 1 day of gestation. She weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 20 in long. We found out that we were Baby #2 on April Fool's Day- a complete surprise! Reid Allen was born 11/13/12 3:24am 9lbs 8.2oz 21", after 38wks 5 days. Our 3rd baby, Eva Jane, was born on April 19, 2015 after suffering a pregnancy loss June of 2014. We are currently anxiously awaiting baby #4 due 2 days before Eva's birthday, so we are having Irish Twins! Our family is so blessed and happy to be growing!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Check and Check...

The finished product of my baby shower invite... This is the one thing I wanted the most to be special for my shower

 Well, I have 1 thing almost off of my list... the Baby Shower invites. I am sooo exhausted trying to co-plan the baby shower...  well, okay, mainly me, since my mom is soo busy working. At least we have the Parish Center booked, so that is at least one less thing to worry about! We haven't even hardly started on the nursery yet, and I am just trying to keep all of these balls I am juggling in the air from falling. I have soo much going on, I think that if I blink, Hayleigh will already be here and be a year old. I did accomplish one thing at least... I have pretty much booked my maternity photo session, and have the photographer on stand by for the newborn pics as well. I am planning on having Jenny from http://www.shutterbugkeepsakes.com/ do the pics, plus she will come to my house too, even right after Hayleigh gets here, so, I do not have to get out running around, trying to get her pics in before she is 3 months old. I am really wanting to try to keep up with the pictures for Hayleigh, even though I haven't soo much for Allen and I. Hayleigh took soo much to get, I don't want to miss having her full first year without having hardly any pictures for her to have later on. Since I am soo overwhelmed lately, I will give you the run down of WHY I am sooo overwhelmed...

1. glucose screening on the 27th- not looking forward to that
2. get the baby shower stuff organized, planned, and ready- you don't even want to see my list for that
3. work, work and work... it has been crazy since we have switched districts again.. new bosses, and new crap to deal with- thank God my last day there is supposed to be July 2nd- if everything goes as planned, with me returning the 3rd week of October.
4. Trying not to miss all that is going on with my growing belly- I want to cherish it all
5. keep the yard looking good.. it's not as great as I keep it, but, I am trying to help Allen out with it, without him getting upset about what I am doing- so I am limited to mowing the very back yard with the rider and maybe the fenced in part of our back yard with the rider.
6. keep up on the dishes and laundry, and try to get my house organized- that is the biggest one right there!
7. spend enough time with Missy and Toby- I love them both sooo much, I really do not want them to feel like they are just pushed aside.
8. get the nursery done!!!!!!! - Need I say anymore on that one?
9. Try to relax, and sleep! I am soo busy anymore, that sleep is my one luxury right now.
10. prepare myself for this whole labor and delivery bit...we are not taking any "he he ha ha" classes- my dad's words right there. We still have to take a tour of the hospital maternity wing, and get preregistered.
11. prepare my insurance through my work for after Hayleigh gets here.
12. Take care of my friends and family- I hate having to limit what I do with everyone, I have friends going through infertility treatments, and family just trying to relax and enjoy the time before Hayleigh gets here, that my time has been very limited to do with this.
13. Support my husband, and his sporting clays shoots. We spend at least one day out of the weekend for him to shoot sporting clays- I realize I can be getting stuff done around the house while he is off doing this, but, we do not have a whole lot of time to spend together, so most of my stuff just has to wait.
14. Deal with stupid drama caused by stupid people- wish I could bean people with a wiffle ball bat with beads in it
15.. anything else I forgot, which my memory is pretty much shot right now anyway
16. Try to laugh about anything that goes wrong

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