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My husband, Allen, and I are high school sweet hearts. We started dating Sep.99'- I kind of followed Allen home one day, and never did leave, is Allen's story. November 02' we were engaged, and on November 22,2003 - we were married. Having been married for 6 years in 2009, marked the 5th year we had been trying to start our family. With the referral of a Fertility Specialist from a friend, our IUI attempts ended up being a complete success despite my doubts. We welcomed our sweet little girl, Hayleigh into the world on June 30,2010 at 6:28am after 37wks and 1 day of gestation. She weighed 7lbs 14oz and was 20 in long. We found out that we were Baby #2 on April Fool's Day- a complete surprise! Reid Allen was born 11/13/12 3:24am 9lbs 8.2oz 21", after 38wks 5 days. Our 3rd baby, Eva Jane, was born on April 19, 2015 after suffering a pregnancy loss June of 2014. We are currently anxiously awaiting baby #4 due 2 days before Eva's birthday, so we are having Irish Twins! Our family is so blessed and happy to be growing!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Trip to Baby Land and Weekend Recap

Well, this weekend was a really busy weekend for us. My sister and her boyfriend drove in from Edwardsville to visit us on Friday. We had a long day in Evansville too. We finally made our first trip into Babies'R'Us, and Allen took the visit a whole lot better than I thought he would. We no more than walked into the store, and he was off. We first went over and looked at strollers. After a while of looking over this store, I could see how this was going to be overwhelming in the future. We browsed the strollers, and moved to the pack and plays, then off to the cribs. They had a Jenny Lynn crib, the same as what my mom used for my sister and I. I was planning on using the same crib, since, it was still in really good shape, and Mom had bought a new mattress for it. Well, that was the plan, until, Allen looked at it, and said, "my baby is not sleeping in that thing!" Ohhhhhh! Why me? So, off he went checking out the other cribs. He finally found a few he was head over heals for. I told him if he wanted to buy one in the future, HE was the one who was to tell my Mom why we were not going to use her crib. He replied that Mom could use it at her house, instead of having to find a small crib to use anyway. UGGGGHHHH! Anyway, from there, we browsed the WHOLE store... I do mean the WHOLE store. We went through the baby clothes, with all of my ewwws and awwws, and then over to the bedding, which, I am sure that I am still using pottery barn for a girl and Cabela's cabin bedding for a boy - no cameo decor for a boy that is. I am not a big fan of the girls decor with the brown and pink for some reason, I think that the Duggars kind of ruined that, from watching their show. Back to shopping, so, we came upon a frame that was for ultrasound photos. I already have a fridge magnet one from Hallmark, and the picture frame from Hallmark, with Baby to Bee on the front. We found a frame that you put the first, second, and third trimester pictures in, all three in a row. It was sooo cute! I ended up carrying it around with me, until, we found the fetel listening system, that records baby's heartbeats, hiccups, etc. It was cheap enough, that we decided to give it a whirl, even though it might not start picking anything up for a few weeks. So, picture frame went back up, and the recorder was a keeper.

We also looked through the bottles, and pacifiers, and everything in between. We kind of have an idea of which bottles we want to use, and a few other things that had been undecided. We then went to check out, and made sure we registered for the rewards card program... kind of like my Hallmark or CVS cards, where you earn money for in the store from the money you spend there. Overall, we both really enjoyed our visit there. It almost made me cry watching Allen get excited over most of everything - it just really surprised me that he had as much fun as he did. He was in complete awww over the new features that some of the things had, and just thought it was a really neat store.

Well, we finally crawled home, I was still going on no sleep, since I had been up at 1 am that morning. I could not believe how well I did shopping and riding the whole time we were gone. It ended up being an 8 hour trip, usually I cannot stand riding for very long without getting stiff and sore. So, this ended up being a really great trip for just the two of us to enjoy.

Saturday morning, Allen had to haul a load of pigs, so, we were both up at 3:30am. I ended up going back to sleep when I got home with Missy and Toby. I really think they were soooo happy to be up on the bed and sleeping with Mama, they never did move, until I was ready to get up. I ended up running errands, and then going over to my mom's for fresh chocolate chip cookies, and visiting with my sister and her boyfriend, who were visiting from Edwardsville. Mom had a hair appointment, so I went ahead with her to keep her company, and ended up getting my hair trimmed while I was at it. I was really impressed with the job the lady did on my hair at Wildhairs. It was quick and a really good job. I have been in severe need of a trim for some time now, so, finally got that off of the list. My mom kept everyone entertained with talking about her bus of a Hummer, and then about her being too old to be a grandma... hmmmm.. she is turning 51 this year, so I think she should be happy she is not turning 41 and becoming a grandma. We all agreed on that. Then she went on about how when I was carrying twins, before we lost one, that she was more disappointed then we were - she wanted a boy and a girl... now she is demanding a girl. I guess I should be happy, since a few people tend to forget what has really went on this whole pregnancy. I hate getting the "they thought it was twins" deal, IT WAS TWINS! It is a lot more common to lose one early on like that than most people think. We were just lucky enough that we had been going very early on every other week, and they did catch that I was carrying twins, until we lost one of them. I am grateful that it is not twins now, I would be a high risk pregnancy this whole time, and would probably be driving to and from Evansville, more than I would like. Anyway, I got off subject. Back to the hair appointment. We laughed and went on about Mom's poor little grandbaby to be, being a boy, and her dressing him up in girl's clothing, since that is 80% percent of the clothes she has bought. (We will not find out what Baby is until the 12th of March) After that, we went back to Mom's house and got ready to go eat lunch, and ended up at the Tin Cup for some hot ham and cheese and peach cobbler. Mom ended up eating half of my fries, since I feel like I have a stomach the size of a pea now. Then, we went past Movie Gallery, since they are going out of business, and checked out the movies they had for sale. I ended up getting Allen a poker game for the playstation, and Marley and Me, for me. I have seen this movie over and over, but, the book was soooo much better! Back when I read the book, I really connected with it, since, Jenny had a miscarriage, and especially over the love they had for Marley. It always makes me cry at the end, when Marley goes, and Owen Wilson finishes the movie with the most touching poem. I placed it at the bottom of the blog for you to read.
After Movie Gallery, I ended up picking Allen back up, ordering a Joe's pizza and bread sticks, and calling it a night.
Anyway, the weekend has been a busy, but, good one, which, I don't think I could ever say that I had a bad weekend, as long as I have Allen with me.

Here is the poem from Marley and Me:

"A dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. Status symbol means nothing to him. A waterlogged stick will do just fine. A dog judges others not by their color or creed or class but by who they are inside. A dog doesn't care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his. It was really quite simple, and yet we humans, so much wiser and more sophisticated, have always had trouble figuring out what really counts and what does not. As I wrote that farewell column to Marley, I realized it was all right there in front of us, if only we opened our eyes. Sometimes it took a dog with bad breath, worse manners, and pure intentions to help us see. How many people in this world can truly make you feel that rare, pure, and extraordinary?"
— John Grogan

I look at our two babies, and I know this is true. I don't think anyone, or anything could ever love me or Allen more, than Missy or Toby.

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