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Monday, January 11, 2010

Infertility and Abortion

I know I have posted this video before, but it is one of my most favorite videos, since I have finally went from being the person trying to beat infertility, to actually doing it. I feel for those still fighting to have a family of their own, it seems like the longer time passes, the more people I actually have known, have been fighting along with me as well, and I just did not know it. Infertility is such a hush, hush, subject to talk about that is just made shameful, and should be something embraced. There is usually not much of anyone close to talk to about infertility, which in turn, makes the person experiencing it, feel like they are alone. I know I did, until I finally got aquainted with Jamie. It is hard going through treatments, and telling your closest friends and family about the experience, and them not having a clue about what is being done, or let alone remember what exactly was done, having to explain everything over and over until you are blue in the face. Through the treatments, I would have four folicles that could develop into eggs, and I really did not care if all of them made it, just so that we could have our own baby. Some people looked at me like I was crazy, but, when you feel like I had felt, I didn't care what I had to do, or how many babies I had to carry, just as long as we would become parents. I know I still have a hard time with hearing about people getting pregnant just like they went to the grocery store or something. This is not because I am mad at them, it is because I still cannot understand why some people have it soo easy, while others, like me, have to endure all that we do, just to even try have a chance at a family. I know life is not fair, and for everything there is a time and a season. But, what if that time or season never does come to the people who would make great parents, but, keeps coming to the ones who deny it, and choose abortion. Shouldn't there be something out there that once you throw away a child, you lose your chance at ever having a child again? Once a baby is born, and someone kills it, they go to prison, and it is called murder, so why should an unborn baby be any different? I know that is really blunt, but, why should those that choose abortion, be able to have a child again, especially after killing their baby? I know of a few people in my area that have chosen abortion, and out of the 3, I know 2 of them have babies of their own now. To me that is not fair to those out there like me, who would die just to be able to carry a baby. I know back when I was younger, I was not completely against abortion, a woman's body is her body, and her right. Now that I am older, I don't know what the hell I was thinking. This is a life we are talking about, not just a condition. To me, the people that are wanting an abortion, should have to carry the baby to term, and then, give it up for adoption, not kill it. There are many people who would be tickled to death just to have that baby, even when the person carrying the baby, did not want the burdon. Bellow, also is a clip I found on abortion. I makes me soo sick to know that soo many abortions are carried out each year, and the doctors performing the abortions, mainly do it for the money. At $300 for an abortion, and at 1.55 million abortions a year, most of the money goes to the doctors pocket.

There are several different methods used in performing abortions, depending upon how far along the pregnancy is. Some methods involve physically extracting the baby and others involve the use of chemicals injected into the womb or taken by the mother. The following descriptions provide the details of each method.

This is Dr. Russell Saco's widely distributed photo of the feet of a 10-week old aborted baby. At 10 weeks the human body is completely formed. Although the baby is small enough to stand on his/her parents' little fingernail, he/she is so perfectly formed that fingerprints are already in place.

Suction aspiration - first 12 weeks of pregnancy
Dilation and curettage (D&C) - first 12 weeks of pregnancy
RU486 and methotrexate - 5 to 7 weeks of pregnancy
Dilation and evacuation (D&E) - first 18 weeks of pregnancy
Salt poisoning (saline amniocentesis) - after four months of pregnancy
Prostaglandin abortion - four to six months of pregnancy
Hysterotomy - four to nine months of pregnancy
Partial birth (brain suction) abortion - four to nine months of pregnancy


  1. such a good and powerful post! i'm with you on the abortion=no more babies for the woman. i have mixed feelings about abortion, but when it all comes down to it, the mother should birth the child and place for adoption. there are so many american couples wanting children, but apparently it's more expensive and time consuming to get a white american baby/child than it is to get a baby/child from a 3rd world country. that's very sad.

    look at those feet! how precious!!!! ;)

    and the descriptions of abortions make me want to puke. that's terrible...
    thank you for posting, hope you're feeling well again and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  2. Bridget ~ Thanks! The more people I find out about that I know that are having problems having a family, the more stuff like this really bothers me! I still have a few mixed feelings on abortion.. I am just where it is life or death or a situation that was against one's will, those are the only things I seem to be okay with anymore. I know everyone has their own opinions, but, it is just sad how many babies are really aborted and how they are aborted that could have had a good home with someone that really wanted them!